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HTML Symbols and Codes

Below are a list of common html symbols, html characters and code used to show ascii character symbols such as trademark, copywrite and superscripts. In some cases we provide the HTML number which looks like this £ and sometimes the HTML Name which looks like this £

  • Trade Mark - TM (™) is written using this html symbol ™

  • Registered Trademark - ( R in a circle) (®) is written using this html symbol ®

  • Service Mark - SM -HTML Number is &#8480; (℠) An alternative way to write it is <SUP> SM </SUP> (SM)

  • Copyright - © is written using this html symbol &copy;

  • Superscript - Regular text superscript text - This text is written like this <SUP> superscript text</SUP>

  • Dollar sign $ - HTML Number is &#36

  • Sterling Pound sign- £ HTML Number is &#163; / HTML Name &pound;

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