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Apply Contact Web Form Script

Update: New Professional Version 3.1 ApplyContact

On Sale Now for $39.00 USD

Update Just Released October 23, 2004 Version 3.1 allows you to create custom fields for any web form.

Purchase ApplyContact Online Now!

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Stop having your business email spammed with ApplyContact cgi formmail script. Did you know if your using those mailto: links anyone can view your email. Apply Contact hides your email from your website visitors and spammers and creates custom forms. Whether you're running an e-commerce site, or just a simple homepage, your most important resource for plotting your site's direction is your visitors' point of contact. While you can always put a mailto: protocol link on your homepage, most users find that inconveniencing and unprofessional, and many of your visitors computers are not configured to send mail through mailto: links, which only pull up an external mail program ( such as Outlook) on the user's local system.

ApplyContact 3.1 takes the guesswork out of email site management forms. The mailing is performed on your server through ApplyContact, so you don't need to rely on the user's machine for compatibility. And the customizable feedback page allows visitors to e-mail you seamlessly from within your Website. Then, they are taken to a "thank-you" page where you can customize the message and if you know html the entire contact experience. This is a great form mail and or feedback form for your site. Features Include:
This is a screenshot of the default configuration of the form.
Users complete the form containing your questions, then click SEND. The information is first archived, then mailed to the address you specified.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Create custom forms through your web browser Form Mail Script Demo (you never need to edit the code).
  • Submit any form to multiple emails
  • Create custom form fields
  • An auto responder with customizable message.
  • Form security limit by ip or number of times sent from ip.
  • Counts Total messages sent and total for the month.
  • All messages are stored in an archive within Applycontact, no need to clutter your personal email box.
  • Designate a "thank-you" page you can create which the user will see after they submit the form or just redirect them to your home page.

Get rid of those annoying mailto: links forever. ApplyContact never needs maintenance, and is completely reliable -- even if your e-mail account is down, all messages are stored in the archive.

Click Here To view and test the the demo contact form, then log into the online demo below to see the aministration panel.

Purchase ApplyContact PRO now online.

Update: New Professional Version 3.1 ApplyContact on sale now for $39.00 USD
We gladly accept the following methods of payment.

Rate this Script @ The CGI Resource Index!
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System Requirements:
OS: UNIX type (Linux, Solaris).
Server Software: Apache Web Server
Perl Version: 5.003
SendMail or equivalent
The above configuration is not the only one which will work.
Depending on the exact configuration of your system, you may
be able to run this software from other platforms.
By demand here is a view of the old form script demo

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