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"Below are some of the best, highest paying, and most proven online affiliate programs. I have seen people load their websites with affiliate program links in an attempt to make money with thier website. Its the best way to make money online, but if all you have is affiliate links and no real content then there is no reason for anyone to visit your site."
- A new affiliate vendor to us we will let you know how it goes. Its cheap to start as a merchant only $75. - One man show run by Kevin Needham. This affiliate company based in Canada canceled our account and never paid us another reason not to try new vendors. Avoid this company.

Accept credit cards

2CheckOut- If you want to accept payment on your website there are a few ways but these guys have a full turnkey process where all you have to do is sign up. They only charge 5% of each sale and I think they are much better than paypal for certain things. If you want to promote them they give you $9 per sign up. This is not really an affiliate vendor, but its a site that allows you to accept credit cards on your website. But they do pay you to bring others over. You get .10 for a new affiliate, you get $10.00 when sign up a site that subscribes to their services and $5 for everyone in their downline. So far I have gotten lots of .10 signups but not any vendor sign ups. Please email me if you have gotten a $10 bonus. Clickbank lists all their merchants in an index and Ive seen some sites mirror this index with their affiliate links. We do not really recommend this site.

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