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Apply Keyword Research

Keywords are the most basic level of effective online marketing. A majority of surfers search for what they are looking for by entering keywords. With inception of different search engine algorithms, keyword searches have evolved into multiple words per search. Having targeting keywords throughout your site in areas including your title, meta and content is critical to a successful targeted search. Meta tag and search engine optimization is based solely on the research of keywords.

Keywords also facilitate participation in the best form of free online advertising: the search engine. Using the correct, targeted keywords is a function of extensive targeted research, not guesswork. Apply Marketing will help you determine the correct approach to marketing your business through the use of targeted keywords. We will determine the category or multiple categories that apply to your business and provide a detailed report of the top thirty keywords, based on actual search results from multiple search engines.

Price: $59.00 USD each keyword category

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Meta-Tag optimization is essential for high search-engine ranking.

Guaranteed Search
Engine Optimization

As part of the premium package ApplyTools will:
  • Help identify appropriate terms for the customer's web site (6 keyword phrases/terms are accepted with each order and additional terms may be purchased at $150 per phrase, not to exceed 12 phrases/terms in total.)
  • Identify algorithms associated with each search engine's robot and indexing practices. Search engines include Yahoo, MSN, Excite, AltaVista, Google, Infoseek (, Lycos, Direct Hit, NBCi (formally known as, AOL NetFind, LookSmart, Netscape, HotBot, Webcrawler, All The Web, Open Directory Project, Magellan, iWon, WebTop, ScrubtheWeb, SplatSearch.
  • Create specially optimized information pages that correlate with each search engines algorithm for each keyword phrase. (typically 4 or 5 pages for each phrase). In total, approximately 120-300 pages will be provided.
  • Once all information pages are created they are moved to the customers web server (by us or by you). If the pages are placed by you, this should be done within 21 days in order for your guarantee to remain valid.
  • Once we verify the proper placement of the files they will be submitted to the search engines. Pages are submitted at the rate of one (1) per day per engine to ensure accuracy, this part of the process takes approximately thirty (30) working days.
  • Usually within 90 days of the submissions being completed you'll notice some preliminary results starting to appear.
  • Your site's visibility will be monitored for six months.

Proper Meta tags, placement and copy are important in relation to the information a surfer uses to locate your site. ApplyTools will research the keywords needed to create and optimize your meta tags and increase the probability of your business being found by specific types of search engines. Not all businesses are the same, similarly not all search engine technologies are the same. Each business needs to be optimized for each search engine. Depending how your site currently ranks, this would include key word research, proper meta tags, and effective consultation on how to increase the overall ranking of your business in the search result.

Price: $1,499.00 USD Order Form Below.
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