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ApplyRefer Testimonies

These are all completely unsolicited testimonials for our viral marketing product ApplyRefer 2.3. Feel free to contact these people with regards to their experience with the product, and our ongoing customer service relationship.

"Don't Waste Time"

February 3, 2002
"As you know, spending days combing through all the possible 'Tell a Friend' solutions available on the web, is not only time absorbing, but also demoralizing! All I can say is that ApplyTools's 'ApplyRefer' offers you a very professional package, looks good to your users, is flexible, and is very good value for money... So, don't waste your time as well... I did it for you!"

Peter Claridge
3six5 - Your Desktop Image Calendar
M.T.C. Media Technologie

"Definitely proven it's worth..."

Feb 12 2002,

We've used Apply Refer since mid November of 2001 and in just under 3 months apply refer has definitely proven it's worth.

We've had 2,743 surfers referred by 1,313 people. That's nearly 1000 new prospective customers referred each month! The script and program are extremely easy to implement and operate. It's simply a no-brainer if you're looking to increase the word of mouth about your site/product.

It's awesome!

Aaron Schwarz
T-Shirt Hell, Inc.

"What more could you ask for..."

February 15, 2002

First off, we chose the applyrefer script over other potentials for the simple fact we could download a free version and test it before we made a purchase of something we couldnt use...

After playing with it a bit, we saw that it was easily customizable, and we could make it do pretty much anything we wanted...

Within 1 hour of getting the free version, we bought the professional version, and have been very impressed with the results...

We also commend the response of the support team, and their eagerness to assist us in customization.

Of all the companies we have used for various scripts, we would have to say that by far, these guys are tops!!!

Great program, great team....

what more could you ask for?

Guy Russell

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