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ApplyLeads Testimonies

These are all completely unsolicited testimonials for our flagship product ApplyLeads E-mail list manager. Feel free to contact these people with regards to their experience with the product, and our ongoing customer service relationship.

"Better than Listbot"

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with ApplyTools E-mail list manager. THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering it to me. You know it seems I lead a charmed life because just as I need something it pops up. But this is turning out to be much more that I expected.
ApplyTools E-mail list manager rates multiple WOWS! Most things in life are neither free or easy but this program is both. For years I outsourced our e-zine at Listbot and was greatly distressed when they stopped offering their free service. It was a challenge to find a competent replacement. Then you called and offered me a chance to try ApplyTools E-mail list manager.
I checked out the demo version and said WOW! But wondered how it would work on my own server and how hard it would be to install and configure. I shouldn't have worried. I sent you an e-mail and less than 12 hours later E-mail list manager was installed and configured on my server in perfect working order.. WOW! I am no techno wizard and I love Easy.
The control panel is simple to use and in less than fifteen minutes I had the subscribe code provided by the program installed on the front page of, and uploaded about 2000 e-mail addresses from my old subscriber list. Another WOW!.
I love the idea that our subscriber list is now safe on my own server. I take the privacy policy of my site very seriously. This tool allows me complete control over that data collected from my subscribers when they opt in to our newsletter.
Our subscribers love the fact that there are no in your face annoying flashing adds assaulting their senses when they are trying to read. Even with the free version the only ads subscribers see are the ones I decide put there.
I always thought Listbot was great but this program is even better. It has more features and is easier to use. I am very impressed with ApplyTools E-mail list manager.

Thanks so much..

Kathy Reynolds

"Beats all List Managers we have used..."

This List Manager is the best. As we have used 4 others they are Listbot, ListPower, Coollist and Topica.
Good and Bad Points: Listbot was sending our Newsletter out in Chinese, you couldn't read anything. Good Points: none.
ListPower new services it goes down with no warning and slow on sending newsletter. Some days takes up to a hour to receive. Good Points: easy to use.
Coollist always down days on end. They resend newsletters (1 day sent it out 15 times) or its sent late like a hour-5 hours after mailing it. Good Points: none. Topica has a very bad habit of deleting your list (lost 1500 members) and they offer no support. Their newsletter when mailed runs 24-48 hours behind. Good Points: None
ApplyLeads 3.2:- Beats all List Managers we have used:
1. Layout is great and has every feature you could want.
2. Easy to use.
3. You add your subs directly with no hassle.
4. Speed of delivery is great

Keep up the great job

Tanya & Doug Hiltz
Tanya's Freebie Land

"Every feature you could want..."

I wanted to tell you how excited I am with Apply Tools Email List Manager.

Before I found out about Apply Tools, I was ready to delete my list due to poor service that I had been receiving from Topica. I found about Apply Leads and that changed all that. In no time I had my Email List Manager installed and up and running.

What a wonderful service! To finally have complete control over my list; The feeling is amazing. I can sleep at night and not worry that my list will be deleted.

Apply Leads 3.2 is the best!
1. Quick Set-up
2. Very easy to use
3. Every feature you could ever want
4. Add your own subs easily with no-one telling you that you canít
5. Speedy delivery with a pristine look
6. No more junky ads
7. Most friendly staff I have ever met.

Thank you for such a wonderful tool. My list would be gone today and you have helped me restore and continue to bring my readers the very best.


Linda Nickell

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