Want to surf your favorite sites at work, but the company firewall blocks all the good ones? Want to read the latest "Dilbert", but you know your web usage is tracked and monitored?

That's why we created ApplyCracker, which allows you to visit indiscriminate sites on the web undetected and invisibly. You can browse that singles page, or read the comics, and your boss will never know-- ApplyCracker was designed to get you to any website you want, for as long as you want, regardless of the restrictions of your company's firewall.

Surf any site at work for FREE.


All Access-
Technology allows you full access any website regardless of it's content, undetected and undeterred by your company's firewall.

We hide your IP address and the hostname of your company's computers, so there is no electronic trail left behind.

Safe for Work-
Is your net usage watched closely? Does your company discourage personal usage? Now you can surf hundreds of sites in a session, and the software disguises your tracks, making it appear as if you've only visited one site-- ours.
Best of all, Surf-at-Work is FREE. You just come to our site (the only catch!) and sign in. You can then surf for as long as you want, with no restrictions. Any site you want-- sports, gambling, comics, anything. There are a few natural limitations to the technology-- you can't submit web forms without compromising your anonymity-- but you can do most everything else.

So start surfing at work today... you deserve it.

Start surfing now:  
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